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Thank You for joining the
Lake Crystal Area Chamber Candidate Forum

A big thank you to those attending the Candidate Forum for school board, city council, county commissioner and legislative candidates. Lake Crystal is lucky to have so many qualified and eager candidates for the 2022 election.
A special thanks to Kent Thiesse for moderating this event.  As always, it was a job well done!      Vote November 8, 2022

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Welcome to Lake Crystal

Lake Crystal is a growing community of nearly 2500 uniquely located 10 miles southwest of Mankato.  The Lake Crystal Area Chamber of Commerce is a vital part of Lake Crystal's make up.  We work closely with the city, schools, citizens and, of course, businesses, to make the Lake Crystal area an ideal place to live, work, and play.  Spend some time getting to know us and you'll see why we believe Lake Crystal is -  
                THE PLACE TO BE . . .


Our Mission -  The mission  of  the
Lake  Crystal   Area  Chamber of Commerce

is to lead the area business community  by promoting issues and activities  that  meet  our  member  needs  and  to  enhance  the  business  climate  and economic  well being of the Lake Crystal area.​

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